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Power Washing

In addition to cleaning decks and fences, our power washer does a fantastic job of cleaning masonry, concrete, aluminum, vinyl, truck and trailers.  The unique attachment uses high-pressure water, and will clean away decades of dirt in just a few minutes.  Here are just a few before and after pictures to show you how amazing the results are.  Feel free to click on a picture to enlarge it for better viewing.

KC 135 Tucon AZ 092.jpg (1480845 bytes)  Corrections Dirty Clean Comparison.jpg (1263032 bytes)

Here is a cement office building we cleaned using our elevated cleaning capabilities.

2Moldy Brick 2.jpg (1236065 bytes)   2Cleaned Brick 2.jpg (1353599 bytes)

This is a before and after picture of a brick church that was covered in mold.

Pana Dirty 2.JPG (2343326 bytes)    Pana Cleaned 2.JPG (2365922 bytes)

A trailer home that we cleaned.

Fire Escape Dirty 1.JPG (1498393 bytes)    Fire Escape Cleaned 1.JPG (1491693 bytes)

Here is a fire escape that desperately needed cleaned. 

Mayflower dirty 3.jpg (2137672 bytes) Mayflower Clean 11.JPG (1369010 bytes)

These trucks look so much better driving down the interstates.

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